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Valentines Rare Pairs Week: Day 1 ~ Favorite Quote
↳ “Aegon has been shaped for rule since before he could walk. He has been trained in arms, as befits a knight to be, but that was not the end of his education. He reads and writes, he speaks several tongues, he has studied history and law and poetry. A septa has instructed him in the mysteries of the Faith since he was old enough to understand them. He has lived with fisherfolk, worked with his hands, swum in rivers and mended nets and learned to wash his own clothes at need. He can fish and cook and bind up a wound, he knows what it is like to be hungry, to be hunted, to be afraid. Tommen has been taught that kingship is his right. Aegon knows that kingship is his duty, that a king must put his people first, and live and rule for them.” – Varys, A Dance With Dragons

Varys’ quote is about Aegon and how his upbringing has made him fit for leadership. The quote could also be GRRM detailing what he believes would make a good ruler. This quote fits Arya equally as well Aegon, and in some ways more so, which may be intentional foreshadowing for what her role in the endgame of the series will be.

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